1. When and where is Pantumacona happening? 

Pantumacona takes place in Barcelona on the weekend of May 13-15. There are different activities during the weekend. You can find out all the activities on our program.

The Criticona, the world Critical Mass (Pantumacona) will take place on Saturday 14 at Arc de Triomf at 6pm Gathering will start at 5:30pm


2. Do you offer accommodation? How many days?  

There is free accomodation (registry is now closed, please contact us if you need accomodation). All the info in the accommodation section

Other accommodation available, some with payment discounts for those who come to the Pantumacona:​

 3. I don’t have a bike but I want to come to the Pantumacona, do you lend bikes?

There are some rental bicycles with discount for the event. Check out this section for more info.


4. Will organization offer breakfast / lunch / dinner? Does the free hosting site offer food? Will there be vegan/vegetarian option? 

Yes there will be vegetarian option. But if you need a specific diet, if you are allergic / a celiac / a vegan /  consider that Barcelona is a friendly city with many available options.

The meals that we organize are:

  • Friday: Dinner (tapas) & drinks
  • Saturday: Breakfast, lunch (Paella!) and dinner (club sandwich), all with drinks and "pa amb tomàquet"
  • Sunday: Breakfast

5. Is it safe to park my bike on the streets of Barcelona? Can I go with my stuff on the subway?  

Barcelona is a city with a low crime rate, but you have to watch out for pickpocketing thieves especially on public transport. We recommend using U -type locks for bikes, Avoid letting bikes sleep on the street at night. During the activities on Saturday morning and the after party on Saturday night secure bicycle parking will be offered in charge of  Bicilocker and Cyclolock.

6. What merchandising material will be offered?  

Checkout this section! There are T-shirts, cups, stickers, lights...


7. How many participants are expected for the event?


Previous years in other Criticonas in Madrid, Getafe and Valencia there where over a thousand people. We expect a lot more tomato at Pantumacona


8. Do you need to be registered to participate?

Only if you need accommodation, if you need special food, a bicycle and/or if you want to volunteer in the organization we suggest that you register.


9. During the event, how I can communicate with an organizer?

The Critical Mass is everyone conforming it. However, there are voluntaries working up to facilitate the organization and everything goes as planned. Look for people with the official logo of the Pantumacona in a yellow shirt. Or contact at our Facebook or directly on the contact form on this website.


10. In the event of an emergency, what should I do?

First of all keep calm! The emergency number in Spain is 112.

You can find a list of important numbers here


11. What about fines in Barcelona. Should I be careful?

It is important to set a good example and circulate properly. Everyone must follow the municipal regulations governing the movement of bikes. You can consult this link. The most important thing is to respect the traffic lights and avoid cycling on sidewalks during day, only permitted at nights.

Avoid cycling through the middle of Las Rambles, its slow and an almost certain fine.

12. How to get to Barcelona?

Barcelona is a city well connected by any transport. More information in this link 


By bike:

Note that Barcelona is very poorly connected to leave or enter the city by bike. It is a city surrounded by sea, mountains and two rivers. And almost all the bridges across the rivers are highways and is the most complicated part of any path you choose to arrive. Seeks to follow urban journeys from neighboring cities to avoid highways.


By train: If you do not live far away, you can use the train or the Ferrocarriles de la Generalitat, in both you can get the bike inside the train in both you can get the bike inside the train. If you live outside the province, you should use AVE train, regional, medium or long distance. In these cases, check if you can travel with your bike on the  RENFE website because they usually do not allow bikes on regular trains.


 By bus:

From the main Spanish and European cities bus lines frequently come to Barcelona. Check with the bus company if you can keep the bike in the trunk of the bus, you will surely get her well tied and maybe ask you unmount it. The main bus stations are Estación de Sants and Estacion del Norte


By plane:

If you come by plane, you will arrive at El Prat Airport. From there, if you come by bike, you can reach Barcelona pedaled from the airport, following this route to Institut Quatre Cantons read recommendations.


From the airport you can also take the metro L9 (orange) + L1 (red) o L3 (green)

If you arrive to Girona’s airport there is a bus that takes you directly to Barcelona


By car:

Car-sharing is the cheapest way to travel by car in Spain. The main entrances to Barcelona (freeway) are on the A2, coming from Lleida. The C-31, which comes from Garraf. The C-17 comes from Vic. The E15-AP7 coming from Girona.


13. Has anyone thought about the children?

Children are more than welcomed. Entire families with young children are usual part of the critical masses. The use of helmet is compulsory for children under 16 years and we recommend security measures that you may believe necessary.

On Friday before the Critical Mass, there will be a workshop called “Decorate your Bike”, a fun activity for all the family, which will also help to achieve greater visibility (with balloons and other things).

During the weekend there will be activities for all ages.

You are not forced to do the whole Critical Mass route, if kids get tired you can finish being part of the Critical Mass whenever you want to.


14. What is the planned route? How long does it last?

It will last about 2 hours; about 20 kilometers. The tour is a little secret, but it will be phenomenal. The route will pass around some of the city major attractions

If you arrive late to the meeting point (Arc Triumph 530, start 6:00 sharp) you can follow the crowd with the Critical Maps app (available for Android and Iphone)

The road is quite flat, friendly to everyone (even for those who do not have a sport or shifts bike).


15. Can I participate with a lowrider bike, chopper bike, skateboards or skates?

Of course! This is what makes it all special, there will be diversity. Even if they are not bikes. ;) You are responsible of your own safety and not putting others in danger.


16. Will there be a draw? How does it work?

We will raffle several things, all in order to raise funds to cover expenses of the weekend activities


1st prize: A KRN bicycle valued at 600 euros, which was donated by I’m Bikes.

(There are two models to choose)

2nd prize: Basket with cyclist equipment donated by several cycling shops.

3rd Prize: A 2nd hand bike has been donated by SJD Bikes

The draw will be made on Saturday 14 May 2016 at the final concert, must be present to claim the prize should be the lucky one. If you cannot be present, leave your ticket to someone you trust.


17. Do I need to bring my bike lock?


You are responsible of your bike safety, we truly recommend to bring your bike lock to avoid thieves. There will be free Bike parking at the main events, but not during routes


18. Can I bring my pet? I usually travel with my pet and I usually take it in my bike with me

You can bring your pet, they are welcomed to Critical Mass if they are well secured on your bike. Be responsible of your safety and others as well. Remember it will be a major Critcal Mass with thousands of people on their bikes, if your pet isn’t accustomed to these interactions it may not be the best place to take your pet.