Last Friday was the deadline for the winning number to claim the panera ciclista. The number has come in 2nd place is the 362, which just has until Friday March 18 to claim the prize.

If you are the lucky one, contact us via email or Facebook.

At Critical Mass and in the Pantumacona, all the skates, skates, scooter are welcome, all kinds of human-powered vehicle driven are part of this great celebration.

All are invited to celebrate we want most liveable cities for walking, running, cycling, skating and even fly safely.

At the end of the Critical Mass ¡Mola Marzo! We did the draw again for the cyclist Panera in Plaça Sant Jaume, as the winner of the first draw not claimed his prize and could not find him.

In this video you can learn a pa amb tomàquet (bread with tomato) special recipe. The one that we will cook this year in Barcelona! The blog post by Ciclista Rodando here.  

After last year's Criticona in Getafe, the awesome Piratona, Barcelona was chosen to be the next place for the Criticona.